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An introduction to all of NintendoFuse! 
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I want to take a moment to say hello to everyone that reads this fantastic site. My name is Barry, but you may see me pop up as Hawk1010. Either way, same person. I am a new writer for NintendoFuse and I wanted to take this opportunity to properly introduce myself.

For starters, I am an opinionated person. What I mean by that is I am not afraid to speak my feelings and give my outlook on many gaming topics. What this also means is that unless specifically stated, what I write will be my opinion. I may share a different view than some of you, and all I ask is that you respect my opinion as I will respect yours. I love debating and when it comes to the gaming industry, I will gladly speak my peace. Just keep it civil, no name calling or insults.

Now a little background so you can get the gist of where I am coming from. I have been a gamer my entire life (all 30 years). I was born into a household with an Atari 800 and a Commodore 128. I sadly didn’t own an NES until much later but I played one every day after school thanks to my friends having one. To me, there was no better after school activity than trying to find the next dungeon in Zelda 1 or attempting to locate a new hidden area of Metroid. Since back in the 80s, we didn’t have the internet, it made each discovery that much more entertaining.

As I got older, I grew up with Nintendo. I stayed “loyal” if you would to playing only Nintendo games (with a few Genesis at certain friends’ houses) till mid GameCube days. At that time, I was in college, had some extra money, and began purchasing other systems to play the games that they offered. I would say that growing up I was what one would consider a Nintendo “Fanboy.” However, now I look at that term and scoff at it. I don’t think we really need to fight wars with each other over which system is “better”. Especially when that “better” is completely subjective. Now I am happy to call myself a “gamer”. What that means to me is that I enjoy the best games, regardless of platform, and embrace each new experience as my retinas soak it all in.

As I continued to get older, I started to really embrace my gaming passion and it became more than just a hobby. I began to truly be a game and system collector. Thankfully, my fiancĂ©e embraces my love as well and allows me to continue to fill rooms in our house with games, systems, figures, and posters. One day I’ll try and post a collection video if such a demand for one appears.

So I guess that brings me to today, where I was given a wonderful honor to join NintendoFuse as a writer and hopefully one day, appear on more Podcasts. Why NintendoFuse if you consider yourself a “gamer” across all platforms you may ask? Well, regardless of what console I may be playing or what game currently has captivated my attention, in the end of the day, I’ll always have a soft spot for Nintendo. I want them to succeed as a world without Nintendo would be a sad one in my opinion. I purchase every Nintendo release and play through each game like I’m 10 again waking up early on a Saturday morning to discover the next dungeon.

As for this site, I do play on providing reviews to some games (as I get around to them) in addition to writing editorial pieces on Nintendo in the industry. I will also post any news I come across if it hasn’t been posted already. Maybe one day I’ll be given that exclusive news topic to cover.

Being a “gamer” across every platform, here’s my current titles that I’m playing and what’s in the cards for the immediate future. Obviously this is time sensitive and can change as early as tomorrow. Currently I’m playing through “Tales of Vesperia” (Xbox 360), “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” (3DS), “Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D” (3DS), “Game & Wario” (Wii U), and “Final Fantasy XI” (PC). In the cards are “Project X Zone” (3DS), “Tales of Xillia” (PS3), and “Pikmin 3″ (Wii U).

It probably isn’t hard to see that my favorite genres are RPG, Adventure, and Platformers, based on the games I’m playing. I’d say my favorite franchise would have to be Zelda followed by Final Fantasy. But if you’re a fan of JRPGs and plaformers, I’m sure we’ll get along great. I will say that my least favorite genre is Shooters (first or third person) and I do feel they have over-saturated the market. But that’s a discussion for another time.

If you’d like to follow me, I’m on twitter @HawkHellfire. My Nintendo Network ID, Xbox Live Gamertag, and PSN name are all Hawk1010 (I try and keep it simple). My 3DS friend code is 1418-6718-0679. On Disqus and on our forums I’ll be posting as hawk1010.

I look forward to writing for NintendoFuse and look forward to your feedback. Thank you again to the awesome staff here for accepting me.


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